EJT Toplus EPDM Jogging Track System

Toplus EJT system is made by mixing water-based binder with EPDM/TPV granules, which can be easy and quick installed. The seamless surface has the function of water & air permeable and slip resistant. After raining, the surface will dry quickly, so it can be used again in a short time. Multiple color combination can add in words, patterns or logos, it makes the surfaces more creative. The features of Toplus EJT system use high quality of EPDM/TPV, longevity of usage, single layer surface can be installed quickly, and it is cost efficiently. The layer thickness can meet the different needs of users or any types of sports.


Water permeable、air permeable、system longevity


Slip resistant,weather resistant


Easy and quick installation


Feet Comfort Feeling


Heat resistance


Multi-color & creativities

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